About Us

Established By US Asian antique dealers in east coast, specialize in Chinese and Japanese Antiques.

We buy Chinese antiques, such as Jade, Bronze, Painting, furnitures, and etc. quality consignment wanted

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  • We will save you the trouble of packing up your antique valuables and bringing them from store to store.
  • We offer free appraisal of your antique and fine art items in your home.
  • We will assist you in determining the value of your antique items in today’s market. You may have hidden treasures in your New York City or Long Island home that will surprise you.
  • If you decide to sell us your items, we will buy them for cash on the spot. You may also consign your collection to us for auction, If you feel that you want to hold onto your items, it is fine. There is no obligation to sell your antiques.